Boys Swimming & Diving 2006-07

Coach: Linda Bingler

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District Results for Swimmers

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - February 10, 2007


Here are the results and a backup of the prelims from West Central District III.  The competition was fierce, but we pretty much held out positions.  We swam in the 200 Medley relay, 50 free (3), and 100 free and had one diver.  Our diver placed 14th overall which was really great since he just started diving this year.  We look forward to his progress next year.  It is very difficult for a small town team with no feeder program to compete against large schools from the Seattle area that has numerous club teams to feed their high school programs.  It would be nice if they would split out 2A from 3A at this point so the competition would be a bit more fair and the meet wouldn’t involve so many teams.  There were 25 teams competing at this District meet.  But, since we started out with 19 boys out of 24 that couldn’t swim on day one, we really did pretty well.

 So, that’s it for another season.  See you all next fall.  Have a great summer.




Olympic Drops Wolves

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Jan 30, 2007


Today we swam against Olympic High School and lost again with about the same point spread.  They have some very fast swimmers.  We did qualify Lance White in the 50 and 100 free, and will submit Teddy Laboy in the 50 free and 100 back and Steffen Estep in the 100 fly for Districts, as well as the 100 free relay.    It’s been a fun season and I have been very impressed with the motivation, determination and hard work of all the boys.  They have made some amazing improvements this season.  Most swimmers have indicated a desire to swim again next year, so I am hopeful that we will have a great team again next year.  Stay tuned for the District results on Feb. 9 and 10.



Barton Qualifies For Districts

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Jan 26, 2007


Today we competed in the Divisional meet which is for those athletes who have not qualified for Districts.  That was pretty much our whole team.  Jay Barton placed 3rd in diving and qualified for Districts.  Our 200 free relay team A (Lance White, JJ Cadden, Steffen Estep and Teddy Laboy) placed 1st overall.  Lance White placed 1st in the 100 free and 2nd in the 100 back.  Steffen Estep placed 3rd in the 100 fly.  Some newcomers to the team that placed well included Nathan Gray and Nick Bowden in the 50 free, JJ Cadden in the 100 free, Travis Priest in the 100 back and diving.  Most of the boys achieved new personal best times.


They have one more chance to qualify for Districts on Tuesday, Jan. 30th



Peninsula Makes it 2

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Jan 23, 2007     


We swam against Peninsula high school and I guess they brought all their fastest swimmers.  You would think they might want a challenging meet, but I guess not.  We placed 2nd in the 100 free (Lance White), 3rd in the relays, 200 IM, 50 free, and diving, but placed 4,5,6 in all the rest of the events.  However, our swimmers did achieve a lot of new personal bests, such as Teddy Laboy, James Lowrance, Nathan Gray, Steven Moore, Sam Schwab, Brett Cain and Chris Merrikin in the 50 free, Taylor Hasenpflug in the 200 free, James Cockburn in the 500 free, Chris Gish and Travis Smith in the 100 fly, JJ Cadden, Nick Bowden, Parker Steichen, Sam Schwab, and Erik Galasso in the 100 free, Travis Priest and JJ Cadden,  in the 100 back. 


We’ll be competing in the Divisional meet tomorrow in Port Angeles.  We hope to qualify some swimmers and divers for Districts there. We did qualify our 200 Medley Relay (Lance White, Steffen Estep, Alex Skinner, Teddy Laboy) for Districts at the home meet against Port Angeles on Jan. 16th.




Trojans Top Wolves

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We swam against Olympic today and lost with a score of 107-75.  They had some very fast swimmers.  Quite a bit different from the team they had last year.  We had many good swims and highlights include:


James Cockburn 200 free

All three swimmers in the 200 IM.  This was the first time for JJ Cadden and Travis Priest to swim the event and they both swam great times.

Lance White and Steven Moore in the 500 free.  Lance improved his time from this year by 23 seconds!  Outstanding!

200 free relay with a better time by 5 seconds.

Our divers performed well but without competition from Olympic.




Wolves Improve vs RoughRiders

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - January 16,2007    


Today we swam against Port Angeles (Mt. Rainier couldn’t make it due to snow) and lost with a score of 75-111.  It was a good meet for us though and a couple of guys are near District Qualifying times.  Steffen Estep swam a wonderful 100 fly with a time of 1:07.35 that was 2 seconds better than his best time of 1:09.71 that he just swam last Thursday.  The district qualifying time is 1:06 so he’s almost there!  Lance White swam a great 100 free with a time of 57.30.  The district qualifying time is 56.50.  Overall, we placed first in three events, 2nd in 5 events and 3rd in 6 events.  Our performance was quite a bit better than the last time we swam against PA.  Nearly all the boys achieved new personal bests. Our divers performed well and are showing great improvement.  They will be competing in an 11-dive meet this coming Saturday.  We will be at Olympic on Thursday.  We have rescheduled one previously cancelled meet for Jan. 30 against Olympic that will take place at SARC.




Wolves Top Knights

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Jan 11, 2007


We braved the elements and swam an away meet against Bremerton today and won by 2 points!  This is the first meet we have won this season and earlier in the season we lost to Bremerton by 7 points.  This was a good meet for all those who participated.


We took 2, 3, 4 in diving and the results are difficult to read, so they are:


2  Jay Barton                    score 130.15

3  Travis Priest                 score  115.75

Teddy Laboy                score  76.80


We took first place in the 200 IM (Lance White), 100 free (Lance White), 100 back (Teddy Laboy), and 400 free relay (Steffen Estep, JJ Caddin, Taylor Hasenpflug, and Teddy Laboy).  Many of the newer swimmers helped us to the win this meet.  It was great to see them progressing with the technique of their strokes and their stamina.


Tuesday we swim against Mt. Rainier and Port Angeles in a double dual meet at SARC.  We will have a make-up meet against Olympic on Jan. 30 and the Divisional meet will be Jan. 25.



Peninsula Swimmers Tough

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Jan 4, 2007     


Today we swam a league meet against Peninsula High School and results are attached.  They have a powerful team but we were able to place 3rd in 6 events.  Not bad considering the young team we have in terms of competitive experience.  Most swimmers and divers improved on past times and scores today.  Many swimmers were trying events for the first time and performed remarkably well.  We still have a lot of work to do and expect a lot of improvement over the next few weeks.


 We have a meet against Lindberg High School next Tuesday (Jan. 9th) at SARC that was not in our original schedule




RoughRiders Too Much for Wolves

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler - Dec 12,2006    


Today we swam a league meet against Port Angeles.  The teams numbers are fairly evenly matched, but the advantage of a club team feeding the high school team is pretty apparent when you look at times, placing and score.  But many of my swimmers and divers achieved personal bests in their events and that is the important thing.  Every split second faster is an improvement.


We placed first in the 200 Medley relay, 200 free, and 100 back.


Those achieving best times included Lance White and James Cockburn in the 200 free (by at least 15 seconds), Steffen Estep in the 200 IM by 7 seconds, Jay Barton and Teddy Laboy in diving, Lance White in the 100 fly by 40 seconds, James Lawrence in the 100 free by 7 seconds, James Cockburn in the 500 free by almost 2 minutes, Teddy Laboy in the 100 back by 2 seconds, Alex Skinner in the 100 breast by 1 second, and Parker Steichen by 10 seconds.


The relay names for the 400 free relay did not print out on our results and they are:


Lance White, Travis Priest, James Cockburn, Teddy Laboy   4:26.61

JJ Cadden, Nick Bowden, Nathan Gray, James Henning     5:34.17

Jesse Ferrel, Travis Smith, Sam Schwab, James Lawrence   6:19.31


We’re looking forward to the meet against Olympic at SARC on Thursday



Wolves Drop Opener to Knights

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Submitted by Coach Linda Bingler 12/7/2006    


Today we swam against Bremerton, our first League and otherwise meet.  We scored 88 to their 95 points.  Overall, the team did very well, considering how new they are to competition.  Our returnees from last year swam best times, such as:


Chris Gish (10 seconds better) and Taylor Hasenpflug (19 seconds better) in the 200 free

Lance White (45 seconds better) and James Cockburn (12 seconds better) in the 200 IM

Steffen Estep and James Cockburn (both 5 seconds better) in the 100 fly

Teddy Laboy (2 seconds better) in the 100 free

Lance White (21 seconds better) in the 500 free

Slex Skinner (2 seconds better) and Chris Gish (17 seconds better) in the 100 breast


Newcomers who swam well include:

James Henning and Travis Smith in the 100 free

Travis Priest in the 100 back

Parker Steichen in the 100 breast


Since this is the first time we have been able to have a dive team in a few years, we especially appreciate the points our new divers earned for us today, Travis Priest 2nd place, Jay Barton 3rd place, and Teddy Laboy 4th place.


We have a lot of work to do, but the best part is that all the competitors were already discussing what they need to practice more during workouts.







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