Girls Swimming & Diving 2006

Coach: Linda Bingler

Diving Coach: Susan Craig


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Olympic Divisional Meet

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/19/06   MEET RESULTS    PG 2    PG 3


The Olympic League Divisional Meet was held today at the Port Angeles pool.  This meet is designed for those who have not qualified for Districts to have a chance to do just that.  It was a lot of fun and all of the girls on our team swam better than they have all season.  Team standings were not calculated because the meet was limited to a portion of each team rather than the entire team.



 Our team placed in 7 of 12 events.  We took first in the 200 Medley Relay and 400 free relay.  Participants included:


200 Medley           Louise Showers, Kira Hendricksen, Sarah Stuart, Phoebe Haglin

400 Free               Louise Showers, Danika Duncan, Sarah Hardy, Stephanie Reed


Girls who qualified for Districts include:

Katie Gallauher – 200 free

Stephanie Reed – 200 IM and 100 free

Sarah Stuart – 100 fly


Girls who swam best times include:

200 free

  Katie Gallauher, Louise Showers, Persephone Nelson, Meredith Powell

200 IM

  Stephanie Reed

50 free

  Desiree Robinson

100 fly

  Sarah Stuart, Phoebe Haglin

100 free

  Stephanie Reed

500 free

  Katie Gallauher

100 back

  Louise Showers, Persephone Nelson

100 breastroke

  Kira Hendricksen


All relays showed an improvement.  Staci Stratton and Lynn Leigh Hall participated in diving today.  Lynn Leigh dove well the first 8 dives, but did not qualify for finals.  Staci (new to diving this year) qualified for finals and finished 3rd over all.


Districts are next.  All but 1 swimmer has now qualified for Districts in at least 1 event.




Swimmers Defeat Trojans

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/17/06              MEET RESULTS 


We swam against Olympic High School today and won with a score of 110 to 75. 


We didn’t have any new State qualifying times today.  Staci Stratton tried to qualify for her 8th individual event for State so she would be eligible for the Ironman award, but she missed it by 3 seconds.


New District Qualifiers include:


Sarah Moores in the 100 br

Stephanie Reed in the 100 fly and 100 back

Persephone Nelson in the 100 free

Louise Showers in the 100 free

Sarah Stuart in the 100 free

Katie Gallauher in the 100 free


Olympic High School did not have divers, so our divers took 1,2,3.


We will be competing at the Divisional Meet on Thursday.  This meet is for those swimmers and divers who have not qualified for Distrc




Girls Drop Klahowya

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/12/06              MEET RESULTS 


The following girls qualified for district:

Kira Hendrickson 200 Free

Danica Duncan 50 Free

Meredith Powell 50 Free

Rebekah Harasick 100 Fly

Sarah Stuart 500 Free

Medea Bersten 100 Back



 - This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/10/06              MEET RESULTS     PG 2


We swam against Steilacoom and won with a score of 120 to 37.  This was a non-league meet against another 2A school.  All the girls swam greatt and have shown tremendous improvement lately.  We had good news that Sarah Moores and Stephanie Reed will be able to swim the rest of the season. 


Highlights include:



Staci Stratton in the 100 back with a best time by 1 second.

Justine Textor qualified for the first time in the 100 fly.



Rebekah Harasick in the 200 free, Mackenzie Marmol in the 200 IM, Medea Bernsten in the 100 free.


Best Times

Louise Showers – 200 free - 0.5 seconds

Kira Hendricksen – 200 IM – 3 seconds

Phoebe Haglin – 200 IM - 2 seconds

Katie Gallauher – 50 free – 0.5 seconds

Stacia Bibler – diving – 4 points

Justine Textor – 100 fly – 1.5 seconds

Sarah Stuart – 100 fly – 2 seconds

Medea Bernsten – 100 free – 1 second

Danika Duncan – 100 free – 5 seconds

Persephone Nelson – 100 free – 0.5 seconds

Mackenzie Marmol – 500 free – 1.5 seconds

Staci Stratton – 100 back – 0.3 seconds

Louise Showers – 100 back – 0.5 seconds


We’re off to Olympic High School on Thursday for a meet against Klahowya.



Wolves Pace Redskins

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/05/06              MEET RESULTS


Today we swam against Port Townsend.  Because they only have 10 swimmers, we predominantly swam our JV as varsity and reduced the number of relays entered to have a more balanced meet.  It worked well as the Port Townsend swimmers placed 1st in half the events and many of the races were very competitive.  This helped all the competitors achieve best times.  I also swam most of the girls in events they don’t normally swim.  There were a few surprises such as Medea Bernsten in the 200 IM dropping 7 seconds, Rebekah Harasick obtaining a best time in the 50 free, Persephone Nelson dropping 7 seconds from her best time in the backstroke that she just obtained a couple of meets ago.  Overall, the girls competed the best I have seen this season with excellent effort on their turns and finishes. 


Justine Textor obtained a best time in the 100 fly with a time of 1:06.44, just 0.45 seconds away from the state time.  Staci Stratton qualified for her 7th State individual event in the 500 free with a time of 5:35.30.


District qualifiers included:  Phoebe Haglin in the 200 free, Medea Bernsten in the 200 IM, Rebekah Harasick and Katie Gallauher in the 50 free, Sarah Stuart in the 100 free with a best time, Medea Bernsten in the 500 free with a best time.


Stacia Bibler nearly broke 200 with a score of 194.9 in diving.  Staci Stratton dove varsity today for the first time and scored 126.45 points for 3rd place.




Spartans Tops Wolves

This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/3/06                        MEET RESULTS  


  We swam against Bainbridge today and lost with a score of Bainbridge 100, Sequim 78.  Being the great sports that Bainbridge swimmers, divers and coaches are, they swam exhibition only in the last three events, allowing the score to look pretty reasonable.  We did have many great swims as follows:


State qualifying:  Staci Stratton in the 200 IM and 100 free.

District qualifying:  Medley relay A, Justine Textor, Medea Bernsten and Phoebe Haglin in the 200 free, Justine Textor, Sarah Hardy and Persephone Nelson in the 50 free, Mackenzie Marmol in the 100 fly, 200 free relay A, Mackenzie Marmol in the 100 back, Meredith Powell in the 100 breast, and 400 free relay A.


Best times included:  Justine Textor in the 200 free by 12 seconds, Phoebe Haglin in the 200 free by 1 second, Staci Stratton in the 200 IM by 1 second, Louise Showers in the 200 IM by 1 second, Persephone Nelson in the 50 free by 1 second, Sarah Stuart in the 100 fly by 1 second, Phoebe Haglin (1 minute, 17 seconds) and Persephone Nelson (30 seconds) in the 500 free.


The divers performed well and finished 1st, 3rd and 6th.  They are all continuing to improve.


The girls are performing very well at this point in the season.  We are swimming Port Townsend on Thursday where we will give some of the girls a rest and allow others to compete that have not had as many opportunities this season.


Sarah Moores and Stephanie Reed are on the disabled list for the time being.





 Girls 9th in Mukilteo Invitational

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 10/1/06  TEAM RESULTS   MEET RESULTS


We competed at the Mukilteo invitational yesterday and placed 9th out of 31 teams.  We placed 1st of the 2A schools.  We qualified two more relays for State, the 200 free relay with Sarah Moores, Staci Stratton, Justine Textor, Rebekah Harasick and the 400 free relay with Sarah Moores, Mackenzie Marmol, Justine Textor, Staci Stratton and Sarah Moores qualified in the 50 free, Staci Stratton qualified in the 50 free and 100 free, and Justine Textor swam a qualifying time in the 100 breast.


The Medley relays continued to swim district qualifying times.  Other District qualifying swims included Justine in the 200 IM, Katie Gallauher (newcomer) (30.90), Sarah Stuart, (30.94), Persephone Nelson (31.99), and Sarah Hardy (30.49 – although there was an error in the results and the error could not be verified because there wasn’t a backup for that heat), Mackenzie Marmol and Medea Bernsten in the 100 fly, Rebekah Harasick in the 100 free, Mackenzie Marmol and Sarah Stuart (dropped 27 minutes) in the 500 free, Medea Bernsten in the 100 back, Meredith Powell in the 100 breast (new best time),


Almost district qualifiers include Phoebe Haglin in the 200 free, Louise Showers in the 100 free, 200 free relay B (Persephone Nelson, Sarah Hardy, Kira Hendricksen, Meredith Powell), Danika Duncan in the 100 breast, 400 free relay B (Katie Gallauher, Phoebe Haglin, Sarah Stuart, Medea Bernsten).


In diving, Stacia Bibler placed 4th, Janelle Kohnert placed 19th and Lynn Leigh Hall placed 33rd.


We swam very well and look forward to our next couple of very busy weeks



Wolves Defeat Knights

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 9/29/06              MEET RESULTS


     We won our first League meet against Bremerton today with a final score of 126:60.  We placed first in 8 of 12 events.  We qualified in 4 events for State as shown below.  We qualified 10 times for Districts as follows.  Our divers took 1st, 3rd, and 5thStacia Bibler scored enough points to meet the qualifying standard for Districts, however must still qualify at an 11-dive qualifying meet.


State Qualifiers:   Staci Stratton – 200 free

                               Sarah Moores – 50 free

                               Staci Stratton – 100 fly

                               Sarah Moores – 100 free


District Qualifiers  200 Medley Relay A (Stratton, Harasick, Marmol, Moores), 200 Medley Relay B (Showers, Powell, Bernsten, Stuart), 200 Medley Relay C (Hardy, Hendricksen, Haglin, Gallauher)


                               200 IM  Justine Textor and Rebekah Harasick

                               50 free Katie Gallauher

                               100 fly  Medea Bernsten

                               100 free Justine Textor, Rebekah Harasick

                                500 free Mackenzie Marmol

                                400 free relay A  (Marmol, Powell, Bernsten, Textor)


The amazing story today was Katie Gallauher who just joined the team this fall with limited swimming knowledge and ability.  She qualified for Districts in the 50 free.  Way to go!



Girls Swim Well, Seahawks Slightly Better

- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 9/14/06                        MEET RESULTS



We swam against another large school in our league, Peninsula HS, and although we swam well, we were outscored.  The final score was 102-84.


The meet was held in a 25 meter pool, so all of our times are in meters rather than yards this time.  Please disregard the distinction of qualification in the actual results because the meet scorekeeper thought we were a 3A school.  We had two State Qualifying times this meet with Sarah Moores in the 200 free (2:19.12) and Staci Stratton in the 200 IM (2:39.64).  We had 14 district qualifying times as follows:


Stephanie Reed  200 Free

Justine Textor, Medea Bernsten, and Sarah Stuart in the 50 free

Justine Textor in the 100 fly

Rebekah Harasick in the 100 free

Mackenzie Marmol in the 500 free

200 free relay A and B

Sarah Moores and Mackenzie Marmol in the 100 back

Staci Stratton and Meredith Powell in the 100 breast

400 free relay A


The divers scored 1st, 3rd and 5th, although the results do not show that.  There was an error on Stacia’s final score, that when corrected put her in 1st place. 


Overall the team is improving and dropping times.  I look for ward to our meet against Bremerton on Sept. 28th.



Swimming/Diving Gets Going!!


- This review was prepared by Coach Linda Bingler 9/7/06                        MEET RESULTS


We had our first meet today against Port Angeles.  As in the past, PA had many more swimmers than we had, but the final score was close:  PA 102 to Sequim 81.  It was a good first meet and will be useful in determining where we need more work.


Highlights include:


State Qualifiers: 

200 Medley Relay  (Staci Stratton, Justine Textor, Mackenzie Marmol, and Sarah Moores) with a  time of 1:59.61 (state time is 2:03.99 for 2A).

 100 free Sarah Moores with a time of 55.89 (state time is 57.99).

 100 back  Staci Stratton with a time of 1:03.63 (state time is 1:04.99

  100 breast  Justine Textor with a time of 1:13.48  (state time is 1:13.99)


District qualifiers include:

200 Medley relay (Medea Bernsten, Meredith Powell, Stephanie Reed, Sarah Stuart) with a time of 2:20.92

Mackenzie Marmol in the 200 free with a time of 2:25.51

Sarah Moores and Medea Bernsten in the 200 IM with times of 2:28.07 and 2:51.48 respectively.

Staci Stratton and Stephanie Reed in the 50 free with times of 26.18 and 29.61

Mackenzie Marmol in the 100 fly with a time of 1:14.14

Justine Textor in the 500 free with a time of 6:08.20

200 free relay (Bernsten, Persephone Nelson, Powell, Reed) with at time of 2:05.62

400 free relay (Moores, Stratton, Textor, Marmol) with a time of 4:07.37


The divers placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and dove superbly!


Overall the girls swam well for this time in the season and we are all happy that we have qualified for State in 4 events and Districts with 9 swimmers already.  Our next meet is with Peninsula on Sept. 14.









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