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                                               Olympic League Standings (5/29/2009)            


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Olympic League

              Wins  Losses Ties   Pts    GF  GA      

North Kitsap (3A)

       10     0       1     31     36    6
Sequim (2A)        9       2       1     28     25    9

Kingston (2A)

       9       3       0     27     29    6

Pt Townsend (1A)

       8       4       0     24     36    17

Bremerton (3A)

       5       3       3     18     31    12

Port Angeles (3A)

       5       6       1     16     19    29

Olympic (3A)

       2       7       2     8       18    21

North Mason (2A)

       2       10     0     6       11    59

Klahowya (2A)

       0       12     0     0         6    52




wolves dispatch patriots 1-0

may 16, 2009 - silverdale stadium, silverdale


     One if by land, two if by sea.  The Wolves spent the preparation week before their match-up with the Washington Patriots trying to find the best way to circumnavigate the Hood Canal to get to Silverdale Stadium.  The land route was chosen and if the Patriots knew their history, one was all it would take as the Wolves made one goal stand up to gain their first State appearance in 5 years.

     The day was sunny and hot by Northwest standards, soaring into the 70's at game time.  The bitter chill and knifing winds of earlier games, melted away into the synthetic grass of Silverdale Stadium.  The Wolves took their pre-game warm-up in the comfy confines of an old dirt & rock baseball infield, which made them feel right at home.  The warm-up was great and they were ready to do battle with their Tacoma foe.

     The Wolves were on it from the opening whistle, as David LaBeaume and Nick Camporini tested Patriot GK Enrique Espinoza with some early blasts that ended up a bit high & wide.  Sliding players in and out to combat the heat, coach Brasher made a brilliant substitution on 34 minutes after sophomore Saul Flores had worked his butt off in the right corner, beat his man to the end line and earned a corner kick.  On came Evan Watkins to take the kick and LaBeaume lumbered into the mixer to await the service.  The service was golden and the finish was money as big Dave volleyed it home for the lead.  The Wolves finished off the half smoothly and went into the shade and 10-minute halftime break with the lead.

     The Sequim defense, coming off 6 straight shut-outs, and a feature article in the local paper, were as good as their billing, giving the Patriots no room and just a few weak opportunities.  The purple & gold scarf adorned fans were rollicking as they sensed the State berth getting closer.  Senior Eric Huston nearly iced the game with 6 minutes to go as he sliced in from the left corner and somehow got off a low laser that rang off the near post ran across the goal mouth and out of danger.  As the clock wound down into the last 30 seconds, Patriot David Ramirez launched a lofting 35-yard free kick in toward the Sequim goal.  The ball had eyes for the top corner where the spiders live as Sequim GK Matt Bedinger rose to meet it.  Off Matt's fingertips and then the crossbar, the ball fell to the turf, up for grabs.  Madness and mayhem ensued and somehow the ball was cleared away out of danger and time expired.  Whew!  As easy as that - State Tourney here we come!!





Wolves Clinch #1 Seed Bounce PA, 1-0

Bedinger Late Heroics Stifle RoughRiders

May 5, 2009 - Civic Field, Pot Angeles


     The 'Riders had everything to play for.  Rallying together as a team after the loss of 3 senior players, Port Angeles had a shot at making the play-offs with a win.  Coming off a key 3-2 win over Bremerton, the remaining seniors had their recognition ceremony prior to the game and joined by their underclassmen, were flying high.  The Wolves were ready and had their own goal of clinching the #1 2A seed with a win.  Game on.  Sequim set the tone early with crisp passing and tight ball movement.  On 7 minutes the Grinder won a header, controlled it down and slotted a ball through to a smokin' David LaBeaume.  D-Money pushed into the open and had D-Rock (PA goalkeeper Derek Wallrath) in his sights.  Faking left and firing far post, Wallrath got a slight touch on it and ball went just wide.  The 'Riders kept fightin' and had a couple of dangerous corners driven in that the Wolves just managed to clear.  Daniel Servin and Zane Carey, doing battle in the central midfield with the hard-tackling aptly named Roughriders, each earned decent chances, but Wallrath was up to the challenge.  Forrest Epstein created excitement for the PA fans with multiple forays into the Sequim half but had poor quality finishing left him blanked.  Neither team was able to capitalize in the first half as it ended 0-0.

     The 2nd half began brightly for the Wolves and 11 minutes from the break they got a sparkler.  Jose Najera won the ball in his own end and tapped it out wide left to Jerry Azanza.  Azanza worked a sly 1-2 with Najera and after receiving the return ball picked out Aldo Garcia moving down the left wing.  The ball was cash money and Garcia received it pushed it toward goal and deposited it far post for the 1-0 lead.  The 'Riders had heart, though, and gave the Wolves fits down the stretch.  Both Jordy Shearer and Tony Breen had to clear balls off the goal line.  The stake to the PA heart occurred with 7 minutes to go.  Winning the ball in the left midfield, Svetlio Hurd pushed forward and let go a shot that appeared to shank right - wide of goal.  It turned out to be a dangerous cross and was met by the glancing head of Anthony Brandon on the right post.  The ball was labeled for the far corner until a flashing Matt Bedinger lunged left and tipped it wide.  That seemed to tell the Roughriders that it was not to be and the Wolves rode the clock down to another 2 game season sweep of their rivals from the West.




Wolves Freak Out Oly, 1-0

Bedinger Notches 5th Straight Shut-Out

April 27, 2009 - Sequim Stadium


     In the last of their brutal 5 games in 8 days, the weary Wolves did more than enough to beat the game Trojans from Olympic on a crispy hard Sequim Stadium pitch, 1-0.  Olympic's stellar junior goalkeeper Thomas Bryan got a workout and was outstanding with 10 saves on 22 Sequim shots.  The Wolf sniping was often and often errant as good chances by Tony Breen, Aldo Garcia and freshman Evan Watkins were left unfulfilled.  A potential rout was worked into a 1-0 nail-biter (well, not really as the Trojan attack was anemic at best).  The lone Sequim goal was not even pretty as on 33 minutes, The Freshman sent in a corner kick that was headed out by a Trojan defender right to Jerry Azanza.  Azanza sent the ball back in the mixer and the ball fizzled its way to Aldo Garcia who found himself 6 yards out and finished the mad scramble low and central.  The play sent Olympic coach Steve Haggerty into a froth, claiming Garcia had come from an offside position to get the goal.

     The 1-0 lead was to hold up as the stingy Sequim defense was unrelenting.  Jordy Shearer, Garcia and Daniel Servin worked some nice attack up the left side and got some decent chances but no results.  Bedinger was not significantly tested as center defender tandem Austin Sanford and Jose Najera were their solid selves.

     The Wolves now get a well deserved 8 day rest before finishing the season against cross-county rival Port Angeles on May 5.  Until then, the Wolves will be scoreboard watching to see what seeding to the District tournament they will receive.




Wolves Blank PT, 2-0

Watkins, Servin Notch Markers As Wolves Earn 4th Straight Shutout

April 25, 2009 - Memorial Stadium, Port Townsend


     Just 18 hours after knocking off Kingston, the Wolves were back in action Saturday trying to shut down the Redskins from Port Townsend and their high-flying goal-scorer Luis Quintana.  The plucky Redskins had won 4 staight matches and were looking to get back in the hunt for the Olympic League title.  The 1st half was wide open with attacks at both ends.  David LaBeaume got off a set of shots early on that were just off the mark.  The 'Skins responded with futile efforts, none of which were particularly threatening as Jose Najera, Zane Carey and Daniel Servin were tackling hard in the midfield.  On 21 minutes, the Wolves earned a corner kick on the left side.  Freshman Evan Watkins stepped over it and zipped in a hard in-swinger, nearly identical to LaBeaume's from a few hours previous.  Jesse Yourish, PT's All-League keeper, looked not so much that, as he rushed to the ball near post and punched it into the side netting for a 1-0 Sequim lead.  The half ended in confusion as Najera was yellow-carded for a hard tackle and was replaced by Jerry Azanza.  Seconds later, GK Matt Bedinger was cautioned for dissent, and David LaBeaume replaced him from on the field.  That left the Wolves with only 10 men as Coach Brasher failed to put on a substitute for Bedinger.  When Brasher had a chance to substitute, he put on 2 players and did not take any off, leading to 12 players on the field and a bench caution for the Coach.  3 cautions in 2 minutes is a new Sequim record.

     The Redskins were determined to begin the 2nd half, but did not have the passion to match the doggedness of the Wolf defense.  The Redskins managed only 3 weak efforts in the half, and Quintana was left tongue-wagging at the referee and his teammates.  The Wolves, meanwhile, were taking care of business and were rewarded with the icing on 77 minutes.  Austin Sanford sent in a nice free kick from near mid-field that was collared by Nick Camporini at the edge of the penalty box.  Nick held it and dribbled inside before spotting a flashing Daniel Servin coming up the right.  Servin received the sweet slotted ball and finished cleanly past a sprawling Yourish.  The Redskins folded up their tents after that, and the Wolves 4th straight shut-out put them within reach of the #1 seed.



Last Gasp Goal Dooms Bucs

LaBeaume's Last Minute Corner Sends Kingston Home Losers 1-0

April 24, 2009 - Sequim Stadium


     The wind was back and howling Friday night as Sequim started their 3rd game in 5 days against the Buccaneers from Kingston.  Dust devils were swirling along the sidelines of Sequim Stadium's fine pitch, getting in the eyes and ears of the ornery Bucs, making them a miserable lot.  The Wolves, on the other hand, were starting to get used to the blustery conditions and again began the game fighting into Mother Nature's gale.  The Bucs came right at the Wolves with Matt Host sending Brain Bain in alone at the 6 minute mark.  Stalwart center-back Austin Sanford slid over, stood him up, and picked his pocket clean, averting the Kingston opportunity.  Aldo Garcia responded a couple minutes later, shaking loose down the left and firing just wide.  Saul Flores also shook loose later in the half and had the crowd fooled when his shot bent the side netting.  The Sequim defense stayed solid for the remainder of the half not allowing the Bucs any meaningful attempts on goal.

     Working with the elements in the second half, the Wolves pressed to get the go-ahead goal. Tony Breen had a sitter go just wide after working himself free down the left.  On 57 minutes, Kingston made a rare journey into the Sequim side of the field and split the center of the Wolf defense.  Bain found himself open at the penalty spot, fired quickly but was rejected by the quick reactions of goalkeeper Matt Bedinger.  On 78 minutes, the Wolves had a corner kick that David LaBeaume stepped up to take.  LaBeaume ripped it chest high from the right side and it carried through the penalty and out the other side quicker than Neo passing through dimensions.  The Wolves earned another corner with just 30 seconds remaining, this time from the left.  Garcia planted himself in front of the Buc goalie and shielded him just enough that he probably never saw LaBeaume's wicked in-swinging bender, as it sliced through him and into the back of the net.  Sequim's first goal in 2 years against the Buccaneers was huge and the 3 points for the win put the Wolves back in contention for the Olympic League's 2A first seed.



Eagles Blown Away 5-0

Wolves Dominate Klahowya Through Bitter Windstorm

April 22, 2009 - Sequim Stadium


     Nick Camporini had a pair of goals in the 2nd half and Waylon Lam added a pair of assists as the Wolves knocked off winless Klahowya on Wednesday.  Sequim, started attacking into the wind with numerous forays into the Eagle penalty area.  Evan Watkins and Tony Breen probed the left side of the Eagle defense and sent in multiple crosses that were met with multiple futilities.  Eric Huston sent a couple efforts in just off the mark as did frustrated Zane Carey, who can't seem to find a goal anywhere in his bag of tricks.  Daniel Servin and Saul Flores probed similarly down the right side and Servin was rewarded on 15 minutes as a long range shot/cross caught some magic breeze and roofed Eagle goalkeeper Zander Coleman for a 1-0 Sequim lead.  Huston caught a knee knock on 20 minutes and was replaced with David LaBeaume who was also unable to add to the Wolves lead as the first half ended.

     Working with the wind in the 2nd half, the Wolves put on relentless pressure.  Camporini got on the end of a cross from the left by Waylon Lam 2 minutes into the half , putting Sequim up 2-0.  Camporini, the Grinder, broke free through the middle 5 minutes later ,and was hauled down in the box.  Nick slotted the PK low and left pushing the lead to 3-0.  Kris Lawrence tried his luck at a Servin-esque cross in the 56th minute with similar success and a 4-0 lead.  David Lopes finished the scoring with 6 minutes remaining as Lam again did the dirty work down in the left corner.  Lam fought past the defender and whipped in a driving cross to the far post that Lopes lunged at and headed past Coleman.  The Eagles finished the half without a shot on the Sequim goal and pushed the ball past midfield only a couple times.  The Wolves now face a tough task with back-to-back games Friday and Saturday against Kingston and Pt. Townsend.



Wolves Knot Knights 0-0

Outplaying, outshooting but not winning

April 20, 2009 - Sequim Stadium


     Sequim did everything but get a goal on Monday night as the visiting Knights from Bremerton earned a point with a 0-0 tie.  The Wolves, working to shut down league leading scorer Matt Olson, accomplished that but failed to get their own tally and had to settle for the draw.  Doubling the Knight shots on goal at 16-8 and outworking their opponents for the entire 90 minutes, Sequim's players were frustrated by freshman goalkeeper Doug Erickson and their own lack of quality finishing.  Nick Camporini, Daniel Servin, Jerry Azanza, Zane Carey, Eric Huston and David LaBeaume all missed decent chances.  LaBeaume even put one in the back of the net in overtime only to have it called back for a charging penalty as he won the ball from the Knight defender.

     The Wolves can take some solace in the shutout of the high-flying Knights as Matt Bedinger was up to the task when called on. 3 of his 7 saves were key.  This was the first  of the 5 games in 8 days and hopefully goals will come in bunches.



Sequim Bumps Off Cascade

Team Effort Dominates Cougars 4-1

April 17, 2009 - Cascade Christian Campus, Puyallup


     David LaBeaume had the opening and closing goals while Jerry Azanza and Eric Huston added tallies in between as the Wolves easily handled the Cougars from Cascade Christian in Puyallup.  Playing their most complete game to date, the Wolves outshot the Cougars 18-4.  Cougar goalkeeper JT Layson made several outstanding saves to keep the score respectable as the visiting Wolves had waves of attacks on the Cascade goal.  LaBeaume's opening goal on 7 minutes came via hardwork from teammates Nick Camporini and Aldo Garcia.  Camporini ground out control of a loose ball near midfield and fished a tight 30 yard pass through the Cougar backline to a streaking Garcia.  Aldo grabbed control near the penalty area and after touching it inside was brought down in the box with a hard tackle.  LaBeaume lifted the resulting PK out of the mud and into the back of the net for a 1-0 lead.  The Wolves had another half-dozen good chances in the first half, notably Austin Sanford driving 2 corner kick headers just wide.  The Cougars knotted the game midway through the opening period when Junior midfielder Johnny Tveter wiggled his way free near the Sequim 20 and let go a decent blast that caught Matt Bedinger flat-footed and zinged the upper left netting.

   The outcome was never really in doubt and 2 minutes into the 2nd half Jerry Azanza put the Wolves ahead to stay.  Timing an Austin Sanford free kick from the right corner to perfection, Azanza met the ball at the near-post and flicked a right boot at the ball, nicking it in off the post.  More pressure led to a 3-1 lead on 52 minutes.  Huston got his 3rd of the season with a Camporini imitation, powering up the middle after an assist from Zane Carey.  LaBeaume's 6th of the season was an impressive blast from left to right after receiving a nice feed from Huston.  Carey had a couple of extraordinary efforts during the match.  The first was a low hard drive to the left corner that forced a spectacular Layson diving save and the second a phenomenally high blast that nearly ended up in the horse pen 50 yards behind the goal.  The game was good preparation for the upcoming stretch of 5 games in 8 days which will test the depth and heart of the Wolves.



North Mason No Match

For Wolves

Wolves Display Varied Arsenal in 8-2 Win

April 15, North Mason Stadium, Belfair

         The Wolves scored early in both halves along with a bunch near the end to hand the Bulldogs from North Mason a stinging 8-2 loss.  Eric Huston opened the scoring just 90 seconds after the opening whistle, taking in a slotted ball from David LaBeaume on the right side and deftly finishing in the left corner.   Determined Tony Breen doubled the lead at the 20 minute mark on a corner kick from LaBeaume.  Tony headed the initial cross goalward, collected the blocked rebound and pounded it into the back of the net.  Nick Camporini got into the act on 28 minutes after receiving a pass from Jordy Shearer near the left corner of the penalty area.  Camporini took the pass, turned past his defender and thunked it far-post with the outside of his right boot.  The 3-0 halftime lead was quickly increased by LaBeaume within a minute after resuming play.  Evan Watkins played a ball into David who turned and fired a low blast that went through the goalkeeper like an oiled up watermelon seed.  LaBeaume returned the favor to Watkins on 44 minutes with a slotted pass mirroring his earlier helper to Huston.  Watkins cut it in from the left and finished with his right foot high to the right.  The Wolf defense gave up the whitewash on 50 minutes when Bryan Little fouled Bulldog Miguel Gaspar in the penalty area.  Senior Brady Blackburn lashed the penalty past Matt Bedinger to narrow the lead to 5-1.  With 22 minutes remaining, on came Jerry Azanza to relieve Bedinger in goal.  Azanza, in his first and probably last appearance in goal for the Wolves, looked like a Andean vizcacha with a hawk circling above.  Shearer saved Azanza with an outstanding slide tackle in the penalty box and followed that up a minute later with a stunning gaff that allowed Sebastian Gaspar to let loose a shot that Azanza never saw until he was taking it out of the net.

     The Wolves closed the door in the last 10 minutes as Tony Breen lit the lamp with a blast off an Austin Sanford assist, and Camporini bulldogged his way through the Bulldogs for his second tally.  In between those goals, Matt Bedinger added a PK goal.  Bedinger trying to turn for a shot in the box, went down like he was hit by Jack Bauer and was awarded the PK.  Matty B, blinding the keeper with his white socks, calmly finished in the left corner.  The Bulldogs were also finished and the 8-2 final went in the books.





Vikings Tame Wolves

Ashe Carlson Scores Brace in Windy Sequim

April 13, Sequim Stadium, Sequim


     Senior Ashe Carlson scored 2 second half goals as the top 3A North Kitsap Vikings knocked off the Wolves Monday night.  As a steady Arctic breeze blew through Sequim Stadium chilling the hearts of the Sequim fans and the desire of the Wolf players, the marauding Vikings persevered with precision passing and reliable finishing to drop the Wolves to 3-2 in the Olympic League. Senior Evan Olson scored the opening goal in the 25th minute as he broke through the right center of the Sequim defense and tapped a low drive into the far left corner of the goal.  The sleepy, perhaps frost-bitten Wolf defenders were playing without Jordy Shearer, who was out with Dengue fever or something.  Jose Najera tried to rally the troops, but his efforts were not enough to heat things up.  The Wolves did nearly knot the score in the 33rd minute as a free kick from near mid-field by Eric Huston, launched into the Viking penalty area was flicked on by David LaBeaume to Nick Camporini and then on to Zane Carey who's header was just wide.

     The second half brought Carlson's pair of tallies, the first on 48 minutes when he picked Austin Sanford's pocket and lit the lamp past Matt Bedinger and the second on 54 minutes as he drove past Bryan Little and finished high and left.  The Vikings were the better team on this evening but the Wolves showed they can play with the big boys, and just need to find ways to win when they're not 100%.




Wolves Beaume Redskins

LaBeaume Nets Crucial Pair to Defeat Pt. Townsend

April 10, Sequim Stadium, Sequim


     Big David LaBeaume scored a goal in each half, the last with just 3 minutes remaining to give the Wolves a hard fought 2-1 victory over the visiting Redskins on Friday.  Port Townsend brought their Olympic League-leading goal scorer, Luis Quintana, along with an able midfield core and 2007 All-League goalkeeper Jesse Yourish to town with the idea of knocking off the Wolves.  The game was tough right from the opening with the Redskins putting on the pressure.  On 7 minutes, the 'Skins were awarded a free-kick at the 25 yard mark.  The Wolf wall was a little slow in developing, allowing Sam Selish to drive in a bender aimed at the far post.  Sequim goalkeeper Matt Bedinger was quick to react to his left and knock the drive out of play.  7 minutes later, Quintana cracked through the left side and cut in free on Bedinger.  Matty again was up to the task and stuffed the ball to preserve the clean sheet.  The Wolves hung on and when Austin Sanford stepped up to launch a free kick from his own 30 yard line, LaBeaume saw a chance.  The booming free kick sent the PT defense back-pedaling and David pounced on the first bounce, pushed it past the center back, and poked a right-footed touch past Yourish for the 1-0 lead.  At the 34 minute mark, Sanford, who would be involved in all 3 goals, slid over from his central position to challenge Sebastian Lyons, who had broken free a the right edge of the penalty area.  The slide tackle was ruled a foul and sent Quintana to the 12-yd spot for the equalizer.

     The second half was more Wolf attack and on 57 minutes LaBeaume slashed through the Redskin right side and sent in a screaming cross along the grass from the left that just needed a deflection goalward to touch net.  No luck, as the ball sizzled over the endline.  Jerry Azanza added some right side excitment with some good crosses coming in at 62, 64 and 70 minutes.  Tony Breen flashed through on one and nearly headed it in, despite being mauled from behind.  Sequim had a great opportunity at 75 minutes with a free kick from the right side, 25 yards out.  Evan Watkins ran over the ball and Sanford lashed at it, sending Yourish sprawling to his right and touching it wide.  Saul Flores chased it down to the left of the goal and back-heeled it forcing a great save from Yourish.  LaBeaume set the stage for the winner with another rocket blast run from the mid-field down the left and was hacked down at the PT 35 yard stripe.  With just 3 minutes to play, Sanford stepped up and lofted a sweet floater towards the back-post.  LaBeaume, rising like a T-1000 Terminator out of a molten mass, got above everyone else and nodded it past a flailing Yourish and the 2-1 victory. 



Bucs Topple Wolves 2-0

Wolves Work Off Spring Break Rust

April 7, North Kitsap Stadium, Poulsbo


     It took the Wolves a full half to shake off the rust of the 11 day spring break and by that time the Bucaneers from Kingston had a 2-0 lead and were rue to relinquish it.  The Bucs took the lead on 6 minutes with a pretty header goal from Chance Pruiett after Bobby Catania had done some nice individual work down the left wing.  Catania drew central defender Austin Sanford to the corner, froze him there and sent in a driven ball that Pruiett met on the run and drove home with the lunging header. The Bucs doubled their lead on 27 minutes when Brian Bain took a through ball up the middle that caught the Wolf defenders leaning forward.  The speedy Bain took the pass smoothly, dribbled a bit to his right and snuck it past goalkeeper Matt Bedinger.  Kingston controlled the remainder of the half but couldn't add to their lead. 

     Sequim took the halftime break and came out with much higher energy.  With Aldo Garcia and Eric Huston working the wings, the Wolves sent in multiple crosses with no results.  The stingy Wolf backline refused to let the Bucaneers into their half and probed the Kingston defense with balls targeted at Strikers David LaBeaume and Nick Camporini.  Multiple corner kicks and a free kick from the right side at the 60 minute mark put fear in the Kingston ranks but nothing was able to pierce the Buc goal on this night.  The dominance of the 2nd half was encouraging but let Kingston walk away still undefeated and atop the Olympic League.



Wolves Hood Eagles, 3-1

Stellar First Half Leads to 4th Wolf Win

March 26, Siverdale Stadium, Poulsbo


     The first chance to play on artificial turf and true rolls led to some pretty soccer by the Wolf starting 11.  Sequim, bolstered by a Chucky Cheese pizza dinner promised by Coach Brasher for five 1st half goals, got going early against the young Eagles from Klahowya.  Needing a goal every eight minutes to make the goal, Aldo Garcia got the first on 6 minutes.  Sent free down the left by a sweet feed from gimpy David LaBeaume, Garcia beat his defender to the end line, cut it in and as pressure surrounded him, gave the ball a hard toe-poke past the startled Eagle goalkeeper.  At the 12 minute mark, Gerrry Azanza made a central run and was fed by big Zane Carey.  Azanza gathered in the pass and blasted it past the keeper and a 2-0 lead.  12 minutes later, right on schedule, Garcia spun down the left wing, drew defenders to him and launched a beauty cross through the penalty box.  Hard working Evan Watkins saw Aldo's corner work and began a far-post foray that was rewarded with the cross.  Smoothly side footing in the ball, Watkins gave the Wolves 16 minutes to earn the pizza.  Although totally controlling the play, allowing the Eagles no shots on goal and dictating the tempo, the Wolves couldn't score again before the halftime whistle.

     The Eagles came out with more energy in the second half and that energy, combined with some mixing up of the Wolf line-up led to a more even second half.  A communication mix-up between Sequim defenders and goalkeeper Claudio Gonzales gave the Eagles a goal in the 60th minute.  Gonzales was called on to make a nice save on 65 minutes off an Eagle drive from about the 12 yard spot.  The Wolves had a chances from LaBeame, Bedinger (making his debut on the field) and Tony Breen but could not build on their lead.  So the Wolves head in to their spring break undefeated yet untested and will work to get better for the bigger Olympic League foes.



Pirates Get No Booty in Sequim 4-1

Vashon Islanders Walk Plank as Garcia, Watkins Shine

March 20, Sequim


     A young, travel-weary Vashon squad arrived in Sequim on Friday afternoon and were sent home two hours later with an additional loss pinned to their sash. The Wolves were coming off a lackluster victory over North Mason and eager to play better.  The Pirates were the foil as Eric Huston got things going early at the 6 minute mark with great work down the right side. Sent free with a nice slotted ball by Evan Watkins, Huston gathered it in at about the 30, slashed toward the near post and fired it past a dwarfish Pirate goalkeeper on the near-post side.  Aldo Garcia doubled the Wolf lead on 24 minutes as he took a Zane Carey feed into the left corner,  deftly spun his defender into a knot and cut in near the end line.  Crossing the ball was an option but so was tucking the ball near-post on the same vertically challenged keeper which was what Garcia did.

     The Pirates grabbed some plunder early in the 2nd half cutting the lead to 2-1.  Forward Jake Gunther took a ball up the middle, out ran center-back Jerry Azanza and poked it through an onrushing Matt Bedinger.  Then as the wind increased so did the attacking pressure of the Wolves.  On 52 minutes, freshman Evan Watkins received a pass near the left touchline from Jose Najera, slipped it passed a Pirate defender, cut to the center and launched a 20 yard bullet that grazed the keepers hands, struck the underside of the crossbar and landed in the goal.  The final goal came off a Vashon defender as Nick Camporini was streaking goal-ward off a driven cross.  The shutout streak over the Wolves hope to get it going again with a visit to Klahowya next week.




Wolves Kennel Bulldogs 2-0

Defense Leads Wolves

March 19, Sequim


     It took some time, but the slow-starting Wolves maintained their poise and knocked off a stubborn North Mason squad Thursday night.  The young Bulldogs hung tough mainly due to junior Goalkeeper George Patterson.  Patterson knocked away 10 of 12 shots on goal, with only individual efforts from Aldo Garcia on 33 minutes and Nick Camporini on 72 piercing his shield.  The Wolves fired 18 blasts goal-ward, in total, and only had to deal with a couple Bulldog efforts at the other end.  Senior Jacob Holmes did send in a half-dozen or so well driven crosses, which should have caused trouble but for the lack of finishing on behalf of the remaining Bulldog attackers.  Sequim defenders Bryan Little, Austin Sanford and Jordy Shearer, along with goalkeeper Matt Bedinger loomed large and repelled every effort.  The closest the visitors from Belfair came was when Holmes drove in a low laser of a free-kick from the left that snuck through everything to nick off the far post.

     Garcia's goal came from the left corner after a sweet inside-out move freed him from the defender near the end line.  Slashing in, Aldo looked to cross the ball but instead drove it low and hard past a diving Patterson and a 1-0 lead.  The Wolves had a few more good looks in a more energetic second half, but couldn't double the lead until Camporini came through.  Picking off a Mason throw-in down in the left corner, Nick gathered it in, bulled past the last defender and ripped it near-post by a stunned Patterson.  The defense recorded it's second shut-out in as many victories, but should see better attacks as the season progresses.






Wolves Blank RoughRiders 4-0

Huston nets 2 along with Sanford and Flores

March 14, Civic Field - Port Angeles


     The opening match of 2009 was as much a tussle between eligibility and injury

as soccer abilities as the Wolves traveled to soggy Civic Field in Port Angeles.  The Wolves, fielding a makeshift forward line, pressured the inexperienced Roughrider team from the opening whistle with Aldo Garcia doing most of the damage down the left wing.  Aided on the left by poised freshman midfielder Evan Watkins and savvy left defender Jordy Shearer, Garcia pierced the PA backline repeatedly in the opening minutes.  On 6 minutes, a beautiful ball to space on the left by Watkins sent Garcia steaming to goal.  A reckless tackle in the box sent Garcia sprawling and Austin Sanford steaming from his center back slot to take the PK.  Sanford slashed it in low and left for the 1-0 lead.  The Wolves continued dominating the initial play with Jerry Azanza again slicing the porous PA backline on 16 minutes with a ball that sent Eric Huston in alone from the right.  Huston made a hash of it in the end but sent a message of things to come for the Roughriders.  PA made a few forays into Wolf territory towards the end of the first half but Sanford, Jose Najera and Bryan Little showed no cracks in front of GK Matt Bedinger and it ended 1-0

     The 'Riders had no answers in the second half as the Wolves doubled their lead on 57 minutes when a Watkins corner saw big Zane Carey rise and head the ball goal-ward. The ensuing scuffle in front was settled by Huston as he lashed it in from 6 yards. On 60 minutes, a handball in the box called on Shearer sent PA captain Sean Keegan to the penalty spot to challenge Matty B.  Bedinger sensed the direction, dove hard and to his right and swatted the blazing drive out and past the post to preserve the shut-out.  An identical combination to the 2nd goal sent the Wolves up 3-0 in the 62nd as the Carey header this time ended up in the goalkeeper's hand momentarily before bouncing out to Huston who thanked the keeper very much with some net music.  Sanford jumped up to forward in the end and caused more grief for the befuddled PA defenders.  In the 78th minute Austin zagged his way down the left and from the endline teased the right back before picking out a free Saul Flores near the penalty spot and Saul calmly finished low and to the right.  Sanford took a boot-raking to the forehead for his efforts but the scar will be on the 'Riders as they lick their wounds.







Boys Soccer 2009 Season Preview


Coaches:  Dave Brasher    

                  Evan Still

                  Victor Lancheros

                  Bill Batson

                  Powell Jones



Record last year/place in league:  7-5-2, 6-4-2 League, 3rd Place 2A Olympic League, Out of play-offs for the first time in 5 years.


Returning Starters:  Matt Bedinger (GK) 12, Eric Huston (F) 12, Jose Najera (D) 12, David LaBaume (F) 12, Austin Sanford (D) 11, & Zane Carey (M) 11


Top New Players:  Jerry Azanza (F) 10, Aldo Garcia (F) 10, Daniel Servin (F) 11, Jordy Shearer (11), Saul Flores (M) 10, Nick Camporini (F) 10 & Evan Watkins (M) 9


Goalkeepers:  Matt Bedinger (12)  Claudio Gonzales (11)


What can fans expect from your squad this year?  This yearís team will be a working manís team.  With no clear-cut superstar, they will have to earn wins with hard work and team play.  The team boasts a group of competitors that want to win no matter what it takes.  Led by goalkeeper Matt Bedinger and core defenders Austin Sanford and Jose Najera the team is smart and reads the game well.  The additions of Jerry Azanza and Evan Watkins bring poise and enthusiasm to the midfield.  Goals should come from everywhere including big David LaBeaume who moves from defense to forward this year.  Aldo Garcia brings pace and a strong left foot to the mix and Jordy Shearer should bring some attack out of the back.  Set plays will be key and with a few free kick and corner kick goals they could nick a couple extra wins.  This team should get better all year and if they stay healthy, could be near the top of the 2A group.   


How will your team do against the rest of the league this year?  Big Rivals?  Key dates in the season?

The Olympic League will again bring a new challenge in North Kitsap.  Last yearís new addition, Kingston will again be solid and Pt. Townsend is always a good rivalry.  3A stalwarts Olympic and Bremerton will be tough.  March match-ups with the 2A schools will be very important.




Erik Huston (12)

Daniel Servin (11)

David LaBaume (12)

Nick Camporini (10)

Aldo Garcia (10)


Matt Bedinger (12)

Claudio Gonzales (11)


Evan Watkins (9)

Saul Flores (10)

Jerry Azanza (10)

Kris Lawrence (11)

Zane Carey (11)

David Lopes (11)

David Richards (10)


Irons Ring (9)

Austin Sanford (11)

Jordy Shearer (11)

Bryan Little (12)

Jose Najera (12)